A tribute to our Dominican Sisters


A tribute to our Dominican Sisters as we bid farewell to them

St Thomas Aquinas, a Dominican, is one the greatest theologians of the Church if not THE GREATEST, and we are blessed to have amongst us in the parish the Dominican sisters- Sr Lucy and Sr Norbert. 

They have always been one of the familiar faces in our Parish which only seems to suggest how close we have grown to them and thanks to the Sunday Masses over zoom, a very regular face in our homes too.

Sr Lucy and Sr Norbert have always been an integral part of the parish and words are not enough to express our gratitude for their selfless services over the past years.

The stepping stones to our next generation's faith were always safe in their hands as they patiently guided our children through the Holy Sacraments of First Holy Communion and Confirmation. They have also been known for holding the fort when Father Prem has been away and also for leading the Unity services, just to mention a few.

Although their absence will be much felt in our Parish, we would like to wish them the very best as they embark on their onward journey.

May The Good Lord who has always kept us united help us to remain united and help us overcome the physical barriers of distance and rules.  ~ Mary Joseph

I would just like to express to you how sad I feel at the Sisters leaving and what they mean to me and I am sure to everyone else.
I just feel that they are  an example to me of humility and Love.
They belong to that wonderful order of Preachers  (the Dominicans) and yet they work so silently with such compassion and Love for everyone.
While they  have been here with us they have given their whole selves in their quiet way.
Their love is tangible. Nothing  is too much trouble for them.
God is with them and I will pray for them every day but there will be an ache in our hearts.

I know Fr Prem that you will miss them very much.  ~ Jane & Ron Lemon

Dear Sisters, Lucy, Norbert and Christina, I hope you know that your presence here in Kidlington has been far from anonymous: on our streets, at the bus stop, riding the No 2 in and out of Oxford, always smiling and a source of good craik. Your active support has been a strength to us all in so many ways; at the Food Bank, in all the activities of Churches Together in Kidlington, and to many beyond our own immediate community. We regret your going, we shall miss you all, thank you for being among us. ~ Kate  & James Hamilton 

The Sisters will be greatly missed by both RC Churches and the wider community of Kidlington. They were loved by everyone in our community through their example and generosity of spirit.  ~ Maggie & Sean Calnan 

‘Thank you sisters for all the work you have done in our parish, you will be missed so much by us all, but we wish you every blessing in your new homes and new endeavours. ~ Margaret and Charles King

It has been an absolute pleasure to have know you all dear Sisters. You have been such an integral part of our Parish over the years, that I know you will be so sadly missed by us all.
On a personal note, I would like to say 'Thank You' dear Sister Lucy for your kindness and peace that you brought to Winnie Coyne, (my Aunt) in her last months. Her family said her face 'lit up' when she heard your voice. That meant so much to them and me. I look forward to the time when we can meet up again for coffee, biscuits and a chat Sister Lucy! God Bless you all.   ~  Mary Laina