Normal Routinely Activity


Community Morning Prayer - Mondays and Thursdays 9.10am (not done until further notice) 

Community Evening Prayer - Tuesdays 6.30pm

(not done until further notice) 

Adoration and Benediction -  after 11am mass Every First Friday of the month in Kidlington and on Second Wednesdays of the month in Woodstock. 

Visiting the sick -  Normally on Saturdays or Wednesdays 

Baptisms  - On the 2nd and 4th Saturdays of the month

Parish meetings, marriage preparations - Tuesdays before or after mass

Meetings of the parish pastoral group -  First Wednesdays (not done until further notice) 

Badminton or Table Tennis - Thursdays! Try and keep up the challenge! Do not hesitate to Challenge. Ready for it!!  Got to be good!! &Very

I am sure you would also appreciate that, as we do not have a full fledge office with people employed through the week, most of the office work is done by the priest with the assistance of the secretary who come on a Friday. 

You would also give a thought and a consideration that the priest has to do his own shopping, cooking etc. himself living a normal life unlike in the ages past! We all can appreciate it!

Please note you can also meet Fr Prem normally an hour  before or after services.


Fr Prem's diary and availability during a normal week


Sunday         9.30 am mass at Woodstock

                        11.00 am mass at Kidlington

                        4.00 for 6.00 pm mass at university                                       until about 9.00 or later

Monday   Fr Prem’s quiet day with mass on most Mondays  at 9.30 -  avoid requesting meetings on Monday

Tuesday    Morning at Uni./available by appointment during the day for university students and in the afternoon and evenings meetings by appointment for the parish.  7pm evening mass. 
Wednesday  12.00 am mass at Woodstock and available by appointment / Fr Prem’s study day/ preparation of the parish newsletter etc. 

Thursday 9.30 am School mass .  10.30 am-  3.00 pm at the Uni. Chaplaincy and availability for students and staff. University meetings etc.  News letter is prepared in the evening. 

Friday Office day -  8.30 am  - 3.30 pm Fr Prem is normally available with parish secretary assisting from 8.30 am - 1.30 pm. Parish newsletter is finalised and printed. Preparation for the weekend are done. 

Saturday - Preparation (emails, posters, etc.) for Sunday both for the parish and the university.   

Baptisms and or visits to the sick during the day. Preparation for evening mass and setting up for the evening mass. 

5pm Confessions ,  6 pm Mass