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Welcome to our Parish Website

I write the first words to this parish website on Sunday, the 31st of January 2016. I am delighted to be able to do so after a long thought over the process of 'going web' , since I have been in the parish in 2013. There were many offers from web developers, and as you know, there are plenty of software available, but at a cost. So the challenges were in the use of open source code for publishing, and indeed finding competent volunteers to do so wanting to make it a parish community project.  So you might not find the website glamorous, with a recognition and a reward for ingenuity and creativity, but it is sustainable for a small parish like ours. Hurdles are being overcome as I write my first words. 

As I preached today at Holy Mass, 'God's word made flesh amongst us', is no longer just  a word or a proclamation of a book, a codex or for that matter a set of laws and commandments. It is indeed a person. Not an unknown, but a person who lived in our time and space, and was known then, and knowable today and tomorrow. That is Jesus Christ. There is a little hitch though, this message is caught up in the limitations of our world, the limitations of our space and time. The challenge then for us today is to filter through our limitations to reach out to the fullness of this message. Which indeed is the Joy of the Gospel. 

We as a parish community strive to listen to this message and receive it, rising above our petty limitations. 

We as a parish community strive to bear this message and share it with others, without being discouraged when faced with the limitations of the world that surrounds us, or of our own. 

This is possible because the law of divine love is the basis of all our actions. 

We are a very welcoming parish with two churches and a diversity of peoples. Exercising our common priesthood in the One Priesthood of Christ, we encourage and support various ministries in the parish. And so there is plenty of opportunity for each and every one of us to thrive and flourish, as a member of the body of Christ - It doesn't have to be lay against clergy or vice versa, does it? 

You are most welcome to share in our joy of living, by visiting us or taking a tour on our website. 

Rev Fr (Dr) Prem Jayalath Fernando