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Let us pray with our Bishop

Merciful God,
come to the help of your people.
Be our shelter in this time of peril and strengthen the bonds of our community.
Bring healing to all who suffer the ravages of disease and assist those whose skill
and art can put an end to this affliction.
Through Christ our Lord. Amen.

                                                       Prayer intentions from  Fr Prem for these special times 18/03/2020

Let us now pray earnestly
that we are not in a worst place than the rest of the world
that our government led in taking the right decisions at the right time
the virus will not mutate to adapt and prolong by allowing it to spread
God bless and protect those in the front-line services 
those infected, those affected badly and those in care,
and all of us we place in God’s hands! 
Please God save us from our foolishness and arrogance, save us not from both!  

Blessed Virgin Mary, the Mother of Our World please pray for us!! 

Shared by Eileen Perkinson, our beloved sacristan for these challenging times 25/04/2020

Prayer shared by Jane Lemon – Mother’s Prayer Group  28/04/2020

It is almost as if we are not being deprived of Holy Communion.I am receiving the Body of Christ Spiritually.
I came across this Prayer yesterday.
This is just part of it.

When we receive Christ with interior devotion ,we receive the likeness of His virtues,
and He lives in us and we in Him. 

Marriage and Family Life – Family Examen
Shared by Lianne Pap – Maryvale

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