This Sunday – 14th in OT Year C

Sunday, 3rd July – 14th Sunday in Ordinary Time Year C

Saturday 6pm  & Sunday 11am St Thomas More Kidlington  – Sunday 9.30 am St Hugh of Lincoln Woodstock 

Parish 11am Holy Mass is on zoom & with People in Church and the Parish Music group in church singing with us as safely as possible

Live Interactive Holy Mass Sunday at 11am (come by 10.50 only 97 logins available so come early).
To join in click here, or or enter zoom id 450 188 0791  
password  if asked   769512 

Parish YouTube channel click here – Live streaming is available on YouTube during all service times

Readings & Prayers 

Children’s Activity for this Week 

Our Creative contributions
sharing the joy of this Sunday with all 

Let us be inspired and be an inspiration to the other! 

The Drawing by Rose Gorman for the confirmation day of our children

Readers (Lectors) click here (and scroll right down) to have a look at the Readings for Next Few Sundays –  down load below or have a look online for your practice and preparation. 

Please be aware that you will be reading from the missalette  left in church, not this print or format. Let me know in time please if you need the format that is given below or you may come with your own print. I will be more than happy to print it for you. 

Last Sunday, 13th in OT Year C
We Prayed especially for Our Children receiving the sacrament of Confirmation welcoming the Archbishop, Most Reverend Bernard Longley to the Parish

Parish Holy Mass on zoom & with People in Church and the Parish Music group in church
singing for us following guidelines

Readings & Prayers for the Mass  

Children’s Activity for this Week 

Our activity on Sunday, shared! 

The drawing for Confirmation of our Children by Rose Gorman

Some suggested guidelines for the Masses in the parish – download below  

Kindly follow what suits you best, but with a greater care & a responsibility for the other 

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