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21st April 2024
4th Sunday of Easter, Yr B – Vocations Sunday
World Day of Prayer for Vocations

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Readings & Prayers 

Children’s Activity for this Week 

A ‘little thought’ for this Sunday ~ Fr Prem

4th Sunday in Easter – Vocations Sunday, the prayer of the church today and in our time and age seems a watered-down version of the day of prayer for vocations to the priesthood, religious and consecrated life. So much so that even the vocations offices in the dioceses seems to stop short of calling it ‘vocations to the Priesthood, Religious and Consecrated life’. So no wonder a shortage of vocations especially in the west, when no longer consecrated life is valued, but confused with every vocation, oh well, even the word ‘consecrated’ taken out of the dictionary of the western church!!

The model presented to us for the Vocations Sunday is the Good Shepherd. Good shepherd Sunday call it, is not simply the model for the leadership and the governance of the church, but also the guarantee of God’s providence to his people in and through the church and so the shape and format of such providence.

The ‘cardinals red’ which the leaders of the church adorn is not for its brightness, pomp and pageant but to tell the world that they are ‘the first martyrs’ at the test of faith. They are the first to speak and defend the truth, stand up against insult and shame upon the dignity of life, and the protection of life and all life. They are to be in the front line, not at the commanding line, but the witnessing line.

The leaders of the church are the voice of the people, the poor the vulnerable the voiceless – ‘they know his voice and he knows them’. There is no room for betrayal, denial or fleeing away for the life of his own, letting his-own be hound down by the scavenging wolfs. The paramount duty of the local ordinary, the bishop, the apostolicity is the care for his own.

This laying down of ones life is done with authority not in cowardice, submission or letting another take over you. But done in style, with dignity and glory; ‘it is in my power to lay it down and take it up’. The fulfilment of the mandatum God has entrusted to him.

We pray that the church leadership be spared from celebrity statuses, carrier achievements, intellectual, social or spiritual innovators but good ‘Good Shepherds’

This Sunday is known as the ‘World day of prayer for vocations to the Priesthood and Religious life’; (all though it is very much dropped down simply to as a day of prayer for vocations – no wonder there are no priests and religious!) The special prayer in our parish is:

That young people who are searching for their future direction in life might find wise mentors and support along their way. May they not be dismissed in their call to serve the lord in the consecrated lives to the priesthood and religious. Lord in your mercy R/ Hear our prayer

May the church be blessed with vocations to the priesthood and religious life, with families, parishes and church communities positively encouraging the young. May the world, especially the west be open in encouraging and welcoming priests and religious from the rest of the world to serve and restore the ailing church in the west from vocations. Lord in your mercy R/ Hear our prayer

Some Hymn choices for Sunday, for our own prayer and reflection

708 We are his children click here
494 Nothing shall separate us click here
709 We are his people click here (different YouTube clip)
656 The King of love my shepherd is click here
147 At the name of Jesus click here
661 The Lords my shepherd (Crimond) click here
661 The Lords my shepherd (Brother James’s Air) click here
The Lords my shepherd (Goodall – theme from The Vicar of Dibley) click here
The Lord’s My Shepherd – Stuart Townend click here

Children’s Liturgy Activity and Work Description –

Our Children activity on Sunday, shared!  

Creative Activity by Parishioners shared with us

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Sharing the joy of this Sunday with allLet us be inspired and be an inspiration to the others!

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3rd Sunday of Easter, Year B

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Readings & Prayers for the Mass  

Children’s Activity for this Week 

A ‘little thought’ for this Sunday ~ Fr Prem


During the easter season the 1st and the 2nd readings are both from the New Testament for the obvious reasons and the Gospel readings are the glorified appearances of the Risen Lord. Lord is Risen, indeed he is, as he said! The salvation story is now complete and fulfilled. It is all now given to us, a precious treasure trove is now placed on our hands, the baptised. Will we have the courage to open it! it’s our call.

The readings for this Sunday should highlight to us something so invaluable too in unravelling what is on our hands.

Jesus appears to his disciples who gathered, hiding in fear, guilt, defeat and dejection.

A very interesting word, well known to us and through history is used ‘GHOST’. Especially in childhood where innocent imagination is rife, we were very much fascinated by them. In the past peoples and cultures were very much engulfed with a belief in ghosts. I suppose not very much so in our time and age. But I might be wrong as there are many adults and even TV programs that keep such interests going. Sciences, especially those related to understanding the functioning of the human psychic research on it. So, what is this ‘GHOST’, why Jesus is not, and why not.

Will this be the key to unlocking the treasure trove! Vow look at the treasure! Did you see it, did you see it?

Some Hymn choices for last Sunday, for our own prayer and reflection

389 – Jesus Christ is risen today click here
326 – He is risen, tell the story click here
431 – Like a sea without a shore click here
511 – O Godhead hid, devoutly I adore thee click here
117 – All heaven declare click here
168 – Be thou my vision click here
678 – Thine be the Glory click here
731 – When I survey the wondrous cross click here

Children’s Liturgy Activity and Work Description

Our Children activity on Sunday, shared! 

Creative Activity by Parishioners shared with us

Sharing the joy of this Sunday with all – our interactive zoom mass, one of its kind in the world!!