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Some Suggested Guidelines

Now that there are no mandatory guidelines it is now left to the individual and the communities to take responsibility of keeping one self safe and more importantly keeping the other comfortable and safe.

Some suggestions are listed before

  • If you feel unwell, likely to have caught a flew like symptoms, avoid public places and take extra care to keep it spreading to others. You would know it best and do not expect the other to guess your health condition. Always think that the other is vulnerable, however resilient you think you may be.
  • Sanitise your hands as needed and avoid touching your face or shaking hands, unless needed.
  • Wearing masks in church is no longer needed. But please do if you feel the need. It would be best to wear a mask when it deems unsafe or crowded as is best suits you. Please respect those who may be wearing one.
  • Respect the others, make them comfortable by keeping a distance or checking with them before shaking hands etc.

Use of Microphone on the Lectern – Please do not adjust the microphone on the lectern. It is a ‘lectern microphone’ different to the voice handheld individual performance microphones. It is also different to the microphone you used in the past, it is a new install, and it is very sensitive.

Lectern microphones must not be moved from its position as it is set to not to interfere with the Lectionary-book, or paper etc.  Touching and banging on it affects adversely those using the hearing aid system (loop system) as they are very sensitive. The only thing you adjust is your own voice and the direction of your voice’s projection. Otherwise, if you bang on it or pull it closer, it distorts the sound and it can shut itself off too. This also avoid doing harm to the sound system.

If you need the microphone closer to the mouth, kindly use the stand-alone microphone which is left on Our Lady’s side. Thank you.

If you feel that you ‘must’ adjust the lectern microphone, then please best to not to take up reading from the lectern during the Holy Mass.

It is a great thing to be able to train ourselves and our children to read out, project and proclaim. Even though one on the lectern may feel they are addressing a whole church, what they need to do is only to speak out to the microphone which is no further than the stretch of an arm’s length. It is a wonderful thing to be trained to speak properly at a lectern.

Prayers , Readings, for Upcoming masses with downloads

General Mass Prayers for Sundays General_Mass_Prayers_for_Sundays

Sunday mass readings for the upcoming Sundays for your own read and reflection. It may be helpful for readers (Lectors) to practice and preparation to make it heard and clear, as best as it could be FOR THE OTHER!  You are called to service, not simply for acquiring skills or gaining public confidence!! 

The Readers Roster

Here’s the readers roster until 16th November 2023 click here

Year A is Year of the Gospel of Matthew

Mass Readings, Antiphons and Priest’s prayers


Live Interactive Holy Mass Sunday at 11am (come by 10.50 only 97 logins available so come early).
To join in click here, or or enter zoom id 450 188 0791  password  if asked   769512 


DAILY MASSES  – In a normal week 

  • Monday – 9.30am at Kidlington 
  • Tuesdays – 7pm at Kidlington 
  • Wednesdays – 11am at Woodstock 
  • Thursdays – 9.30am at Kidlington 
  • Fridays – 11am – at Kidlington 

Sunday Masses 

  • Saturdays evening 6pm – Vigil mass for Sunday 
  • Sundays 9.30 at Woodstock 
  • Sunday 11am at Kidlington 

Adoration – First Fridays of the month in Kidlington and First Wednesdays at Woodstock soon after the mass of the day. Adoration for 30minutes followed by Benediction. 

Confessions: Saturdays 5 – 5.30 at Kidlington & Wednesdays 11.30 – 12 at Woodstock (after mass). In these challenging times it would be helpful if  you arrange a prior appointment to do so. So that I could organise for the sacrament to be celebrated as safely as possible. 

Holy Rosary – Normally recited before the Vigil mass on Saturday 

Kindly note that there is no day mass on Saturdays, as we hold the Sunday Vigil mass on Saturday evening.  

Click here to go to This Sunday of the Parish Website to see readings, Children’s activity, Parish Poster etc

Holy Mass Celebrated with the School – with zoom