Catechism – RCIA Programme

We meet in Lent every Tuesday at 7.30pm 8.30pm at the Church Hall St Thomas More. There will be Holy Mass at 7pm, to join.

The Resource

  • Catechism of the Catholic Church click here
  • Compendium of the Catechism of the Catholic Church click here
  • Ascension‘ App on the Bible and the catechism of the catholic church click here
  • ‘Ascension’ You Tube sessions click here

Other Helpful Resources

Further Formation

If you are interested in longer formation courses which go into more detail about the teaching of the Church, we can recommend our collaborators Life In Truth. Dr Denise Oliver and Dr Christina Pal have a variety of online courses aimed at adults who want to go deeper into their Catholic faith, and we can wholeheartedly recommend their courses as the next step in your ongoing faith formation. We recommend especially the short courses coming up, either in spiritual theology (grace, prayer, virtues) or in doctrinal formation (the truths of the faith: Jesus, Mary, Salvation, the Sacraments…). We sisters follow this formation and have gained so much from it!