This Sunday

01st October,
26th Sunday in Ordinary Time Year A
(CAFOD – Appeal will take place this Sunday)

The Saturday Vigil
6.00pm – St Thomas More Kidlington

9.30am – St Hugh of Lincoln, Woodstock
11am – St Thomas More, Kidlington – zoomed

Live Interactive Holy Mass Sunday at 11am (come by 10.50 only 97 logins available so come early).
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Readings & Prayers 

Children’s Activity for this Week 

Theme for This Sunday

How shall I defend myself of a mere farse and a pretence? and the increasing temptation to do so in our society. Is believing in God, a generational thing that is not longer in demand.

‘Love’ a key word in common parlance. Whether God is or not, me a believer or not, it is fundamental to our humane existence. Even when it is wrongly understood and misinterpreted as often it is, yet its the life blood.

It’s only love that gives life, and living.

What is love then for us, how will we define it and what would we do and not do for love? Is there a love so exceptional and precious a love one would long for! Who defines it! is it just me.

1st Reading: ‘when the sinner renounces his sin to become law abiding and honest, he deserve to live’
Ps 24: ‘Lord, make me know your ways. Lord teach me your paths.’
2nd Reading: ‘Always consider the other person better than yourself,’ and wish it to be. ‘Think of the other persons interest first’
Gospel: ‘Which of the two did the fathers will?’ What it means to do God’s will.

Hymn suggestions for prayer and reflection from the parish hymn book.
116 – All hail the power of Jeus’ name click here
147 – At the name of Jesus click here
416 – Lead us heav’nly Father click here
133 – A new commandment I give unto you click here
475 – Meekness and majesty click here

Children’s Liturgy Activity and Work Description ~ By Clare Haly

Drawing by Rose Gorman

Our Sunday Parish Mass on interactive Zoom streaming

Sharing the joy of this Sunday with allLet us be inspired and be an inspiration to the others!

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Please be aware that you will be reading from the missalette left in church, not this print or format. Let me know in time please if you need the format that is given above, or you may come with your own print. I will be more than happy to print it for you. 

Last Sunday: 24th September,
25th Sunday in Ordinary Time Year A
(Day of Prayer of Thanksgiving for the Harvest)

(Sea Sunday – We pray for seafarers & their dependents click here for the resources)

Parish Holy Mass on zoom & with People in Church and the Parish Music group in church singing for us following guidelines

Readings & Prayers for the Mass  

Children’s Activity for this Week 

Theme for last Sunday – Harvest Thanksgiving

We thank for God’s bountifulness and his provide. It is a blessing only when it is SHARED!
Our prayers of thankfulness to the farmers and all who labour for our supply.

1st Reading – ‘My thoughts are not your thought’ Heaven is high above the earth.
Psalm 144 – The Lord is close to all who call him
2nd Reading – Our bodies are to Glorify God (Christ), not to live in filth and banter about it in social media, living a despicable life. It must be sickening to all of us the very thought about it. We pray for our young people that they will have the courage to stand up for decency, THE DIGNITY OF LIFE AND LIVING.

Gospel – To favour and discriminate human labour is a terrible crime and it shall be here on earth and in heaven! We have no right to do so. But then what is this Gospel read today?

Hymn suggestions for prayer and reflection from the parish hymn book.

226 – Come ye thankful people come click here
604 – Seek ye first the Kingdom of God click here
497 – Now thank we all our God click here
125 – All things bright and beautiful the good Lord made them all click here

Our Children activity on Sunday, shared! 

Our Creative contributions and our Children’s activity (You
are most welcome to share your thoughts, reflections, comments etc. – creative
and critical work too) 

Children’s Liturgy Activity and Work description

Children’s Liturgy put together and shared by Clare Haly – The coordinator for Children’s Liturgy Click Here

Our Creative contributions and our Children’s
 (You are most welcome to share your thoughts, reflections, comments etc. – creative and critical work too)

Creative drawing by Rose Gorman shared with us

Sharing the joy of this Sunday with all