This Sunday

16th June 2024
Eleventh Sunday in OT Year B

(We keep our children receiving First Holy Communion this afternoon)
Second Collection: Day for Life activity, Thank you

The Saturday Vigil
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9.30am – St Hugh of Lincoln, Woodstock
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Readings & Prayers 

Children’s Activity for this Week 

A ‘little thought’ for this Sunday ~ Fr Prem

This Sunday in the church’s liturgical calendar is dedicated as a day for life. It does not seem to be a random choice made with a tossing dice, but is meaningful and purposeful for this Sunday. Could you guess why would it be so specifically for this Sunday?

The Church upholds the sanctity and the dignity of life from the moment of natural conception to the natural death. Therefore the Church also upholds inalienable rights of the human person. They are absolute and God given. Otherwise the human person would have not such inalienable rights! They are not shaped and defined in a passage or corridor of time. They are purposeful and fundamental to our human existence, giving the definition and the distinction of us as human beings different to being simply an animal, but a person – created into the image and likeness God. This a dam good God given life, we cannot rubbish it!

My contention then is simply defeated in the second reading for this Sunday. St Paul says, ‘we are full of confidence, I say, and actually want to be exiled from the body and make our home with the Lord’. This life in this world is rubbished, and seen as an imprisonment and an encaging. But it is not, cannot be at best simply a literal interpretation. Just a few lines reading through it, it is all made clear, life here on earth has a greater meaning, a purpose made not by flesh and blood, but by the very gift of this life, by God.

It is not simply good enough defining the dignity and the sanctity of life, but there is also a greater responsibility entrusted to us with it. What we do in this life matters! We are called to be God’s crafts man, live God’s kingdom values here on earth, ‘from the top of the cedar, highest branch, a shoot taken and planted on the highest mountain’ – the 1st reding must resonate. It grows into a tree like no other tree! We have to be that tree God planted it to be.

We are just a few weeks to the election. Race is on, commentators, lobbyists, pundits, Questioner-ing, and hustings all on. Oh! no short of guidelines too given by our own churches including the ‘Catholic bishops’ conference’, the ‘Cafod’, the ‘Caritas’. Looks like heaven’s to fall on earth and is promised!

But in all this I feel that it lacks raising the moral questions. Each person, party, organisation, and church seems simply fight their corner for their Raison d’être(reason to being) and simply fail to raise the moral issues, when moral questions are blatantly denied on our face today. Churches, faith, religion are called to be the moral compass of a given society, but I strongly feel that they have let us down with a survival instinct. Our leaders must be held to account, not simply to act with competence, ingenuity, forward thinking, integrity brining prosperity to this country, but also with a moral compass that goes beyond this land and nation. What moral values do we and therefore they uphold? must be asked.

Here’s what I heard – just a gist from the debates, you would know it all best
‘Make UK great, a power that controls the world’
‘serve our interest and wellbeing’
‘We would be poorer’

‘leave your child, wife, family’
‘increase arms and defence’
‘our friends and alliances’
‘has the right to defend themselves’ we decide who has and who has not and what cost.
‘they must be defeated and destroyed’
‘We condemn such atrocities but we stand and support the country’
……………….. add yours, possible you agree with some or all.

What is the moral stand, the world order and peace we envisage for ourselves, our leaders to be and therefore in the world. Kingdom of which god are we striving for, is worth a question to ask you think!

Let us pray for that God given dignity and sanctity of life for ourselves and the world we build, and the leaders we choose at this election.

Some Hymn choices for this Sunday, for our own prayer and reflection

(Taken from our parish Hymn Book – Liturgical Hymns Old & New)
295 – God of the Passover
497 – Now thank we all our God click here gracias click here
497 – Now thank we all our God (Communion reflection – fist tune in the list)
759 – On eagles wings click here
351 – I cannot tell (Communion reflection) click here
226 – Come ye thankful people come click here
120 – All over the world click here
123 – All the earth proclaim the Lord click here
Son of God, eternal saviour click here

Children’s Liturgy Activity and Work Description

It was lovely to be back leading liturgy today. 

Attached is a picture of the children’s offerings. 

We read the Gospel and spoke about what parables are. We then worked with the image of the seed and what we think God our Father could help us to ‘grow’ in our own lives, in order to see His Kingdom grow too. The children reflected on what they need and wrote down these prayers as leaves on a sprouting seed.

We spoke about why we address God as Father, as well as you our priest, in addition to our ‘dads’. The children spoke about how our Father (and fathers) is a support, guide, that He loves, forgives and teaches us. We spoke about how our Father in heaven will help us in these ways when we ‘plant our seen of faith’.

Our reflective music today was ‘Good Good Father’ by Chris Tomlin click here

Our Children activity on Sunday, shared!  

Creative Activity by Parishioners shared with us

Our Sunday Parish Mass on interactive Zoom streaming

Sharing the joy of this Sunday with allLet us be inspired and be an inspiration to the others!

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Please be aware that you will be reading from the missalette left in church, not this print or format. Let me know in time please if you need the format that is given above, or you may come with your own print. I will be more than happy to print it for you. 

Last Sunday: 9th June 2024
Tenth Sunday in OT Year B

(We keep our children receiving First Holy Communion this afternoon)

Second Collection: Towards supporting recovery from the parish debt, Thank you

Readings & Prayers for the Mass  

Children’s Activity for this Week 

A ‘little thought’ for last Sunday ~ Fr Prem

Last few Sundays having spoken of the Power and the Force of the gift of the Holy Spirit and the effects and manifestations it makes through us to see the invisible, stand a professing a stupendous faith, and witness beyond telling, leaves open to a questioning about the other spirits, bad and evil forces which we probably can manipulate ourselves or fall a victim to it and be manipulated.

I do not think that we could take our eye away from the entrance antiphon. Cf. Ps 26: 1-2

The Lord is my light and my salvation; whom shall I fear?
The Lord is the stronghold of my life; whom should I dread?
When those who do evil draw near, they stumble and fall.

The readings for this weekend and our life experiences might tempt us to think that this life is doomed and sin, death and destruction the destiny of our life as some religions and some Christians too uphold. The soul caged in a corrupt, sinful body by destiny, crying for liberation. At times we might feel that this is very much true in our own life.

The force of evil, sinful spirit has traces we know it all so well; shame, guilt, hurt, doubt, it creates suspicion and it divides ‘us’, ‘them’, ‘ours’, ‘not ours’ …… we become addicted, does not stop there it makes us be like huge monsters bigger than our size, seems no way out! Let’s not succumb to it.

There is then also the perspective of God that comes with it, the wrath of god on our shoulders with an inevitable judgement and punishment! Await! – sends shivers, throwing us to hiding with a fear of God. Some Christian groups, us too may buy into it.

The Gospel sums it all: Jesus’ relatives thought he was out of mind and insane, scribes and pharisees thought he was possessed and blasphemed.

Jesus’s reply was ‘whoever does the will of my father – God’ is my brother, my sister – a child of God. Who, what and how of a God is told then of who, what and how we are! We stand a proof to our God – saves or destroys!

Some Hymn choices for last Sunday, for our own prayer and reflection

(Taken from our parish Hymn Book – Liturgical Hymns Old & New)
582 – Praise to the Holiest (Billing click here, Gerontius click here, Richmond click here)
337 – Holy Holy Holy Lord God almighty click here
641 – Take our bread click here
186 – Brother, sister, let me serve you click here
168 – Be thou my vision click here
573 – Peace is the gift click here
758 – You shall go out with joy click here
746 – Ye choirs of new Jerusalem click here
263 – Forth in the peace of Christ click here or click here
693 – To Jesus’s heart, all burning click here
634 – Sweet heart of Jesus click here

Children’s Liturgy Activity and Work Description

Our Children activity on Sunday, shared! 

Creative Activity by Parishioners shared with us

Sharing the joy of this Sunday with all – our interactive zoom mass, one of its kind in the world!!