This Sunday

26th March
5th Sunday of Lent, Year A
Day of Prayer for the Candidates for the Sacraments

Saturday Evening for Sunday
6.00pm – St Thomas More Kidlington

9.30am – St Hugh of Lincoln, Woodstock
11am – St Thomas More, Kidlington – zoomed

Live Interactive Holy Mass Sunday at 11am (come by 10.50 only 97 logins available so come early).
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Readings & Prayers 

Children’s Activity for this Week 

Theme for This Sunday ~ Fr Prem

So, our spiritual pilgrimage of Lent is all most coming to an end. It is the last week, the 5th Sunday in Lent. The Church’s Liturgy nurtured us during this time on the path of faith, with the landmark encounters of Jesus found in the Gospels and accompanying readings from the Old Testament as well as from the Epistles in the New Testament. What a spiritual treat it has been!!

This the last ‘Sign’ as the Gospel of John puts it. The Last miracle, what could there be any more!! Could you guess what this could be. The curtain call!! God has spoken to you and me in many ways throughout the ages and one last time now in the very life and death of his only Son, Jesus Christ, our Lord. The final proof of our faith and belonging. The final fulfilment of all our life lived and spent here on earth.

We pray for God’s grace, to strengthen our hearts and minds to die to our sin and so that the new life guaranteed with the resurrection is ours too, not just on the last day, but today, here and now. This is our faith journey. This is what we were baptised for and all what it means. Nothing more, nothing less.

Some hymns sung in our parish for your reflection
497 – Now thank we all our God click here
349 – I am the bread of life click here
182 – Breath on me breath of God click here

Children’s Liturgy Activity and Work description ~ By Clare Haly

Our Sunday Parish Mass on interactive Zoom streaming

Sharing the joy of this Sunday with allLet us be inspired and be an inspiration to the other!

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Last Sunday: 19th March
4th Sunday of Lent, Year A (Laetare)
Day of Prayer for the Candidates for the Sacraments

Parish Holy Mass on zoom & with People in Church and the Parish Music group in church singing for us following guidelines

Readings & Prayers for the Mass  

Children’s Activity for this Week 

Our Theme for This Sunday – A short thought by Fr Prem

A wonderful encounter. A profound spiritual insight if we just care to
pause, think and say a prayer. The person who lived in darkness, now healed to
see the light. Not just light, figures and shades, but the details and beyond.
What a sight now, what a healing to receive.

By being healed, recognising him and then encountering him by talking to Jesus, the man
has come to a deeper understanding and knows that Jesus is not only a man, not
only a prophet, but also the Lord. He is the Messiah who has been sent by God,
the one of whom the prophets spoke. He comes with authority from God. He
is the Son of God. The man has come from darkness to new sight, and a complete
and perfect sight. He has also made a deeper journey in faith from
understanding that he was cured by “the man called Jesus” to knowing and
believing that he was healed by the Son of God.
 He has come to walk in
the light as a follower of Jesus. We, too, have been given the gift of faith
and walk in the light as followers of Jesus.

Do we realise that we were healed to begin with by given the sight, what then stumbles us in recognising
and following Jesus?

Some hymns sung in our parish for your reflection
168 – Be thou my vision click here
439 – Longing for life click here
751 – You are the light that is ever bright

Our Children activity on Sunday, shared! 

Our Creative contributions and our Children’s activity (You
are most welcome to share your thoughts, reflections, comments etc. – creative
and critical work too) 

Children’s Liturgy Activity and Work description ~ By Clare Haly

In Sunday’s liturgy the children reflected on ’seeing’. We opened with ‘be thou my vision’ and talked about different ways of seeing, and that what one person sees may not be the same as another, that we need God to help us to see clearly sometimes.
We talked about the difference between this and physical blindness and that Jesus can help us to see things differently, that we are like the blind man sometimes even though we have our physical sight.

We also talked about the Psalm from Sunday.
We thanked God for being our Shepherd and guide, and for helping us to ‘see’ so that we can live more like him. We worked on our worksheets while listening to ‘The Lord is my Shepherd’.

Finally we thanked God for our Mothers, parents and carers, and for Mother Mary. Like Jesus as our shepherd, and who helps us to see, these people guide us and love us and help us to make good choices.

Here is the music we listened to:
Be thou my vision click here
The lord is my shepherd click here

Our Creative contributions and our Children’s
 (You are most welcome to share your thoughts, reflections, comments etc. – creative and critical work too)

Sharing the joy of this Sunday with all