Parish Groups

You can render your service to the parish in following ways

1) becoming a reader

2) a extraordinary minister of the Eucharist

3) joining the choir

4) joining the cleaning group

5) flower arrangement group

6) Be a helper to sacristans

7) altar serving and training

8) helping those who look after the hall

9) Greeter – welcoming people at the door

10) helping with the collection

11) help counting of the collection

12) helping with parts of taking care of the gardens, especially the school side rose garden  – None 

13) organising the children’s liturgy

14) organising youth activity

15) helping as a catechist

16) Join the Churches Together Kidlington  team

          16 b.) Join Churches together Woodstock Team 

17) Join the fundraising team for Kidlington 

           17 b.) Join the fundraising team for Woodstock